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Basic Gaming Etiquettes to Boost Your ELO


With the overflow of players in the cyberspace joining various games whether done singly or in multi-player fashion, it always pays to observe the basic rules of conduct to stay in the game for a long time. Here are some of the basic gaming etiquettes that can boost your ELO:

  • Show courtesy to fellow players

Treat everyone with respect whether they are part of your team or opponents. You know who is higher or lower than you in stature. There is no big difference between players except in their attitudes in moments of triumph or failures. Like in all games, sportsmanship is a priced virtue.

  • Keep your cool

The first rule in League of Legends gaming that ensures ELO boost is to manage anger. It is expected that with the pressure of winning, people tend to lose their cool and shout, troll and do all sorts of things to vent their frustrations on others. This is an unacceptable behavior, which will only lower your ELO points. Next time you are provoked, try to keep a tall glass of cold soda near you. Take a sip and it will divert your mind from the source of your irritation.


  • Always finish a game

Never leave an unfinished game. Make sure that the last hits are delivered whether your team won or lost. The important thing is to persist even if you are still in the unranked level. You will become familiar with the playing field and characters once you keep going on, including how to dodge that deadly attack next time.