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R4 3DS Cards – SD Memory Flash Cards For All Nintendo DS Consoles

Nintendo is a very popular name, especially among kids who are into games. Nintendo is almost synonymous with the word video games because you would not imagine portable video game consoles without Nintendo. Unlike Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation,   for its portable game consoles, such as DS, 2DS, 3DS and similar devices

Many users who had doubt in their mind whether or not an R4 3DS card would be good for their DS systems need to be informed that this card is totally safe for their Nintendo video game consoles. Any of the r4 3ds can increase the fun as well as options to do more with any game console similar to 3DS.

If you own multiple consoles, there is no need to buy multiple flash SD cards because your one card will work with all your Nintendo games. You are able to listen to songs, look at pictures and movies with your memory card and play other games as well right on the LCD display of your 3DS console.

It is very easy to attach the card and take it off. Does not need any software update, and you are able to update it and load games right from the official website of the well known dealers or suppliers, or the makers of the R4 3DS Cards.

The most popular games such as Pokémon is now downloadable form any of the sites that has legit games online. You may try to find a site that has a legit copy of the game.


Increase your Twitter presence

Social media networks have grown tremendously in a very short period. Almost everyone who likes to be known in the circle of his or her choice would like to have lots of people to be connected. This is the reason for every celebrity or an accomplished personality has a presence in social media like Twitter or Facebook and likes to have followers in large number. The number of followers is almost a measure of popularity and degree of accomplishment in their chosen field. So no one wants to be left behind in the race to have more number of followers on Twitter.

Simple ways to boost followers on Twitter

The first and the foremost requirement for beginning to increase the popularity on Twitter are to start with few basics. Get your profile completed. No one likes to follow a masked character with unknown details about your basis details like bio. You must get a good picture of you with face looking straight in to the eyes of the onlookers. It makes less impression if you use a graphics having no relevance to what you stand for. Well written bio is the next basic requirement in this journey to create interest about you.

Once you are ready with these basic requirements you can take the professional help to actually buy twitter followers .  There are professional sites that can offer you genuine followers in numbers you need for very reasonable charges. Once you get these followers, take active role to regularly involve by tweeting with messages appropriate to your image you wish to give to your Twitter personality.

Basic Gaming Etiquettes to Boost Your ELO


With the overflow of players in the cyberspace joining various games whether done singly or in multi-player fashion, it always pays to observe the basic rules of conduct to stay in the game for a long time. Here are some of the basic gaming etiquettes that can boost your ELO:

  • Show courtesy to fellow players

Treat everyone with respect whether they are part of your team or opponents. You know who is higher or lower than you in stature. There is no big difference between players except in their attitudes in moments of triumph or failures. Like in all games, sportsmanship is a priced virtue.

  • Keep your cool

The first rule in League of Legends gaming that ensures ELO boost is to manage anger. It is expected that with the pressure of winning, people tend to lose their cool and shout, troll and do all sorts of things to vent their frustrations on others. This is an unacceptable behavior, which will only lower your ELO points. Next time you are provoked, try to keep a tall glass of cold soda near you. Take a sip and it will divert your mind from the source of your irritation.


  • Always finish a game

Never leave an unfinished game. Make sure that the last hits are delivered whether your team won or lost. The important thing is to persist even if you are still in the unranked level. You will become familiar with the playing field and characters once you keep going on, including how to dodge that deadly attack next time.

iTunes Codes – How To Get Them For Free

iTune Codes can be obtained by buying iTunes cards of different values which you can redeem at any Apple store for purchasing any iTunes items such as music, videos, and download items. You are able to download all your favorite Apple’s applications. When it comes to managing and saving your favorite media files. There is no doubt about it that Apple stores are fabulous places for getting all your favorite media.

There are several ways to get free itunes codes.

  1. Online Reviews: Evaluate and any product in a store online and they might give you some free coupon codes for submitting reviews.
  1. Find free coupon code deals: you may also search the internet for free coupon codes or free downloads from iTunes.
  1. Take part in survey:   A five minute participation in an online survey might enable you to receive coupon codes of various values.
  1. There might be lottery drawings for free coupon codes: enter lottery drawings where you might have chance to win free codes. Look for drawings at your local stores or online stores.
  1. Look for free offers with a purchase: Many of the local stores or online stores offer free iTunes codes with any purchase. This will allow you to get free stuff.

It could also be beneficial for you if you have an iTunes account. That way you will always get the latest updates, announcements and news about iTunes. You will also get the latest deals and offers, so if downloading free music is important to you, you will always have best opportunity.